Tennis Court Refinishing and Resurfacing

Resurfacing or refinishing your sport court is the perfect way to improve its playing surface and extend its life.

Parkin Tennis Courts can work magic with even the most neglected surfaces, restoring them to new condition – or better!

Years of sun, wind and temperature extremes take their toll on sport courts. Even the tiniest of surface cracks allow moisture in. Over time, the surface may become uneven as the soil below heaves and settles. Holes and depressions can develop, eventually leading the dreaded “bird bath” effect.

If the neighborhood birds are bathing in your court’s puddles, it’s definitely time to call the Parkin team!

Choosing the Best Tennis Court Renovation Approach

When we inspect your sport court, we perform a thorough evaluation of its current condition, but we also consider the future.

Tiny hairline cracks, if caught early, can often be repaired successfully to prevent further damage. In other cases, however, patching does little more than delay the inevitable. In fact, it may result in further – and more expensive – damage.

Our experienced refinishing and resurfacing team will offer you an honest evaluation and provide you with recommendations designed to meet your budgetary goals while preserving the integrity of your tennis court.

Rest assured that we will never recommend resurfacing or repairs that you don’t need!

Is It Time to Resurface or Refinish Your Tennis Court?

Once a sport court’s surface degrades, using the court can pose physical danger. Raised cracks and other surface flaws can result in slips and falls, sprained ankles and other orthopedic injuries.

Eventually, you and your family may give up playing altogether.

Your tennis court can provide many hours of fun and healthy activity for your friends, family and neighbors. It’s an ideal way to spend an afternoon or evening of quality time. Don’t let a worn-down surface prevent you from enjoying its benefits.

And, if you’re tempted to put off your sport court renovation for just one more year, think again. The damage and degradation will continue and, when you finally get around to those renovations, it may cost much more than it will if you make those repairs now!

Finally, if you plan to sell your house in the near future, a sparkling new tennis court surface will not only increase your property value but it will provide that extra “wow factor” that buyers love!

Your Local Tennis Court Renovation Specialists

Parkin Tennis Courts is your locally owned and operated sport court renovation expert. We use state-of-the-art materials and engineering to restore your sport court to exacting standards. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona.

Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive tennis court refinishing and resurfacing services.