Futsal Soccer Courts

Futsal soccer courts are taking the recreation world by storm, as this compact version of traditional soccer becomes one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S.

This fast-moving game pits five-player teams on a hard court surface located either indoors or outside. Born when inner-city soccer enthusiasts took to empty tennis and basketball courts to enjoy their favorite sport, futsal is now enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels.

Some enthusiasts call the game Five-A-Side, quick soccer or mini soccer, but its official moniker is futsal. The name is a derivation of the Spanish fútbol de salón, or “indoor football,” but this lively game doesn’t have to be played indoors.

In fact, Parkin Tennis Courts can construct your futsal soccer court indoors or outside.

Futsal Courts Fit Almost Anywhere

One of the most popular aspects of futsal is that a court, or pitch, is much more practical than a full-sized soccer field.

Most parks, schools and community centers don’t have the room or financial resources for building full soccer pitches. Futsal soccer courts, however, can fit anywhere a basketball or tennis court can. This means that sports and leisure enthusiasts throughout the Intermountain West can also enjoy this activity at their home.

The standard futsal soccer court size is flexible, ranging between 15-25 meters x 25-42 meters, or approximately 16-27 yards x 27-45 yards. Thanks to its modest size, a futsal court can fit almost anywhere you can envision it.

And, on average, the cost of a futsal court is only about 10 percent of the price of a full soccer pitch.

Indoor Futsal Courts

Indoor courts are ideal for home installation as well as community centers, schools, parks and athletic clubs.

An indoor venue allows you and your family or friends to enjoy a quick game of futsal no matter what the weather or time of day may be.

In a controlled environment, the court can be constructed from a wood or synthetic surface. Wood futsal courts are prized for being low-impact and easy on the body. Today’s synthetic surfaces are equally advantageous for play, maximizing performance, comfort and safety.

Building your court indoors means that little maintenance will be required. Simply follow our cleaning and maintenance instructions and your court surface will provide many years of healthy fun for your family.

Outdoor Futsal Soccer Courts

Building an outdoor futsal court is simple and straightforward. With a relatively level site, the court is designed with a very slight (< 1%) slope to facilitate drainage. For most installations, no special site drainage is required.

Outdoor mini soccer pitches require little maintenance, even with heavy use. The surface is designed to maximize player comfort and safety in a variety of weather conditions. And, as long as you care for the court surface properly, the need for repairs or resurfacing are minimal.

In fact, many homeowners have begun converting their old, unused basketball or tennis courts into outdoor mini soccer pitches.

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If you would like to learn more about repurposing an existing sport court or building a new futsal soccer court, contact us today.