Basketball Court Repair

It’s tough to have any fun on a cracked basketball court.

As unsafe as it is unsightly, you and your family can’t even enjoy an afternoon shoot-around or game of HORSE if you’re constantly worried about slips, trips and falls.

What’s worse is that, until the repairs are completed, those cracks will continue to grow and expand.

Fortunately, Parkin Tennis Courts is the Intermountain West’s expert for basketball court crack and repair work.

Basketball and Sport Court Cracks Are the Tip of the Iceberg

Even the tiniest of hairline cracks in your court’s surface can signal an impending problem.

Asphalt courts are most susceptible to cracking but concrete slab courts can also develop this problem, especially if the slab was constructed on expansive soil. Whatever material you have, don’t put off having it evaluated by a professional contractor.

Cracks allow moisture to permeate the surface of the court. As the weather fluctuates between hot and cold, the water expands and contracts below the court’s surface. Over time, this constant movement breaks down the structural integrity of the materials.

Before long, weeds start to grow and ponding or puddling occurs, as portions of the court’s surface start to sag. Left unattended, your court will eventually degrade to the point of requiring expensive restoration or even replacement.

Professional Basketball Court Crack Repairs that Last

The right approach to basketball court repairs depend on several factors.

The size and location of the cracking or chipping is an important consideration, as is the court’s original construction materials. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, longest lasting repairs. Not only does this improve the court’s appearance and safety, but it helps protect your investment for the long term.

Before you attempt a DIY crack repair, let the expert team at Parkin Courts take a look and provide a free estimate. Our repairs are engineered to last, and to extend the life of your court. In almost every case, our professional services will actually save you money, as compared to the do-it-yourself approach.

Repair or Resurface? That Is the Question!

Customers often reach out to us to help restore their tennis, sport or basketball court. Many people believe that repairs won’t be effective in preserving the structural integrity of their court. Fortunately, that’s rarely the case.

After almost 40 years as a licensed sport court builder and repair contractor, we have developed a high-tech approach to the repair process. In every case, if repairs will handle the problem, that’s how we prefer to approach it.

You can rest assured that our court repair team will never recommend resurfacing or restoration when something simpler – and more affordable – will solve the problem.

Contact the professional repair experts at Parkin Tennis Courts today for a free evaluation of your court. You’ll be back to shooting hoops in no time at all, with our cost-effective approach to basketball court crack and repair service.