Basketball Court Refinishing and Resurfacing

For all of your outdoor basketball court refinishing and resurfacing needs, Parkin Tennis Courts is your locally owned and operated expert.

We use state-of-the-art techniques and the highest quality materials, to ensure that your court looks and plays as well – or better! – than it did when it was new.

Depending on the age and condition of your court, as well as the type of surface you currently have, Parkin will provide the restoration options best suited to your budget.

Advanced Resurfacing Techniques Built to Last

Anyone can throw a coat of paint on your court surface and call it done, but Parkin knows that true resurfacing requires a high-tech, high-quality approach. Certainly, a fresh paint job now and then can liven up a faded court but, when yours truly requires a true refinishing, we go the extra mile to do the job right.

In fact, our resurfacing process can extend the life of your basketball court by five to eight years!

Basketball Court Refinishing or Repair?

When hairline cracks appear in your court’s surface, quick action is required to prevent further damage. If you have let your court go a year or more without crack repair, it’s time to let a licensed contractor evaluate its condition.

Once moisture has been allowed to penetrate the court surface, asphalt and concrete begin to degrade. Every wintertime freeze and blistering summer day causes expansion and contraction, breaking the court’s structure down.

Depending you the age and condition of your basketball court, refinishing or resurfacing may be more cost effective than fighting the ongoing battle of crack repair.

Our experienced basketball court renovation specialists can evaluate the condition of the concrete or asphalt and recommend the most economical approach for surface restoration.

Basketball Court Resurfacing Improves Your Game

Today’s technology allows us to offer a number of revolutionary surface materials for your court renovation.

Our materials are designed to stand up to harsh weather and heavy use. Shock-absorbing surfaces not only increase player comfort but they reduce the risk of injury. Perhaps best of all, the new finish will require very little maintenance.

Not only will a cost-effective resurfacing protect the underlying court surface, it will brighten and enhance its look and feel. This is a perfect time to add new lighting or update your accessories. Fortunately, Parkin Tennis Courts is your one-stop-shop for perimeter fencing, goals and backboards, and even custom logo design and application.

As a licensed sport court contractor for almost 40 years, the Parkin team has perfected the art and science of court renovation and restoration. We offer services throughout Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho.

Contact us today to learn more about how our exclusive basketball court refinish and resurface services can bring your court back to life!