Utah’s Premier Tennis Court Contractor

Parkin Tennis Courts is a tennis, basketball and pickleball court builder specializing in post-tension concrete courts. Post tension concrete is highly specialized and only a small hand full of contractors in the western United States are certified to perform this type of work.

We also perform all the needed excavation, concrete, fencing, landscaping and other work that goes with the projects ourselves. Think of us as a general contracting firm that specializes in high quality sport courts.

Decades ago, the common practice in sport court construction was to utilize asphalt or steel-reinforced concrete for the base of tennis, basketball and other multi-purpose outdoor and indoor sport courts.  Post-tension concrete is not a new practice.  For decades parking structures and high rise buildings have been constructed using post stressed cables bonded in concrete. However, the use of these cable systems in sport surfaces was not used commonly until recent years.  Parkin Tennis Courts was one of the first builders in the Intermountain West to introduce this new and innovative method of court building, and we now have extensive experience and knowledge about it.

We are located in Woodscross, Utah and have been in business since 1978. We have become the oldest licensed tennis court builder in the State of Utah. We also work throughout the Intermountain West, including Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. We feel fortunate to be a part of the sport court industry and it is our goal to provide the best service and quality possible.

Upon request we would be happy to submit to you a list of completed projects and references.